3 Pack “Your Marker” Bundle

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Limited Time Only!

Pick your 3 buckles and save!

3 pack includes 1 black belt, 1 white belt and 1 Gray belt.

Our belts feature a high-quality design with a unique buckle allowing you to wear your favorite golf ball markers everywhere you go! All Your Marker belts come with a buckle matching ball marker for those rare occasions you want a clean flush look.

Fits any size from 10" to 48" waist.

See our Youtube video to see how easy sizing is: 


Fits any size from 10" to 48" waist.


  • Metal buckle with matching ball marker
  • Ratchet belt system allowing for a perfect fit!
  • Belt width 3.5CM
  • Length: All belts are extra long designed to be cut down to your specific size
  • Ball marker design: Ball marker buckle fits all standard ball markers
  • Next day shipping on all items

Bragging rights:

  1. Advent Your Marker Belt is on pace to become the #1 belt in high school golf!
  2. Want a custom ball marker? Email us what you want and we’ll make one for you! Adventgolfbelts@gmail.com
  3. Advent Your Marker belt is now a premium partner in the fight against breast cancer

-see our Instagram page for details.